Milffuck in gauteng Facebook and Twitter could face new laws if they fail to help stop cyber bullying the Culture Secretary will warn today.Karen Bradley is launching a new drive on internet safety and plans to outline a raft of new tactics to combat the problem.Tech giants are set to be summoned to Whitehall to discuss new solutions but sources have played down the idea of an easy technological fix.Parents will be warned they must face up to the dangers of cyber bullying and make sure their children are aware of the risks of going online.Unveiling new policies on internet safety Ms Bradley warns of the potentially devastating consequences of cyberbullying sexting and online trolls.Culture Secretary Karen Bradley warns of the potentially devastating consequences of cyberbullyingThe summit with tech firmswill include looking at technological solutions such as filters but also helping parents face up to the dangers and discuss them with children officials said.Many parents are unaware of the risks their children face on social media including a torrent of bullying and threats because they do not use such sites themselves.As a result they might not know how to confront the issues or stop their children being exposed to harmful sites linked to selfharm suicide and eating disorders.RELATED ARTICLESShareMrs Bradley said Th

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