Cerita sex datins RV Travel Newsletter Issue 828RV Travel Newsletter Issue 828Thank yourvtravelChuck at RVtravel.comAs you may know I am now staying near San Antonio Texas. It just so happened there was an RV show there last weekend. So I attended.And what I witnessed vividly illustrates a change in the RV industry. If you have not shopped for an RV or attended an RV show in the last couple of years you may not have noticed.Residential refrigerator. Popular these days.Nearly every fifth wheel trailer 30 feet and longer and highend travel trailer and motorhome at the show was equipped with a residential refrigerator just like at home. Inexpensive RVs still come with the traditional RVtype refrigerators usually made by Norcold or Dometic nearly all of which run on both electricity and propane.You didnt commonly see residential refrigerators as standard equipment in RVs even five years ago.Heres what I found int

Shag sex chat profile site North Sumatra Police have arrested a lecturer at North Sumatra University USU identified as HDL and a security guard at a regional bank identified as AAD over the weekend for their social media comments that suggested the Surabaya church attacks were an attempt to divert attention from current issues.The police have charged them with inciting hate speech under theInformationandElectronicTransactions ITELaw.What a perfect attentiondiverting scenario.2019GantiPresiden2019ChangePresident HDL posted on May 13 the day of the attacks. Her post had since gone viral.North Sumatra Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. Tatan Dirsan Atmaja said that HDL who was arrested at her house in the Johor Permai residential complex in Medan Johor would be charged with Article 28 of the 2008 ITE Law.HDL told the police that she wrote the post while she was emotional from being disappointed in the government Tatan saidon Sunday. HDL told the police she was upset over the rising prices of goods.Our officers have questioned several witnesses and confiscated some items as evidence namely a cell phone and a SIM card he added.Budi Agustono the dean of USUs Humanities Department an

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